Kino B: Contemporary Cinema by Berlin-based Artists

HERMAN(N) by Deborah S. Phillips

(2011, 16mm, color, silent, 8:00)

I see this part of Neukölln (a district in Berlin) through golden late summer light as an inviting place, which is all the more palatable as manifested on different varieties of film material. I have lived, for more than 13 years, on a side street of the Hermannstraße, first on the one side, then on the other. Gentrification has already commenced where I live, things get busier. It's as trendy as in many other parts of town now.

HERMAN(N) makes the street palatable to viewers: it's not a matter of relaying a message, but more a feeling of the place...

Deborah S. Phillips makes pictures in various analog media: 2-D, 3-D & 4-D. From 1988 - 2001, DSP was an active member in the Braunschweig-based artists' collective LABORATORIUM, where she began to work with film, while continuing to paint, make artists' books, installations and more. In 1996 her film BREAD was included in the Goethe Institute's touring program German Experimental Film of the Nineties. MOSAïC, an experimental 35mm 45 min. collage in which Moslem & Jewish ornament & sounds blend into each other, was made in cooperation with UNESCO. In 2007 she co-founded the artist's space now known as Kunstverein Neukölln, where she curates film screenings, exhibitions, performances, and installations. She is currently conducting research into the color blue, which will result in a 16mm film and slide collage performance as well as a series of paintings and a blue book.

Curated by Caroline Koebel for Aurora Picture Show         (Kino B program)